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4 Easy Ways to Keep Your Pet Entertained During Quarantine

By AR{yxGW44e July 20, 2020 April 5th, 2021 No Comments

Keeping your pets entertained during summer quarantine can be a challenge.  Especially as it gets hotter.  Here are some tips on keeping your pet safe, healthy, and out of trouble.

Build Them a Fort

1. Get some boxes and make your cat a captivating fort! Cats are easily entertained with boxes and by connecting a few boxes and cutting some strategic holes in them, you make your cat a wonderful place to play in.

Is your rabbit bored?

2. Did you know that in the wild rabbits run an average of 3 miles a day? Create a fun area for your rabbit to play in.  Make sure that it is safe from exposure and other animals.  Give them a digging box, you can use a cardboard box and some crumbled-up newspapers.  This will provide them long-lasting fun

Does your dog need a walk?

3. Walks are a great way to get exercise for both you and your dog. We recommend that you go early in the morning or in the evening when it is cooler. Make sure you always have your dog on a leash to protect them from unexpected dangers.

Does your dog need a walk?

4. Has your dog learned any new tricks lately? Teaching your dog to do new tricks is an excellent way to stimulate their mind and keep them occupied. It also can help increase the bond between you and your dog while teaching them manners.

Remember, spending 30 minutes a day playing with your pet can reduce yours and your pet’s stress!