4 Lies and a truth about Microchips

By AR{yxGW44e January 16, 2020 April 5th, 2021 No Comments

1. They are GPS trackers for your pet so you will always know where they are.

FALSE! They are small electronic chips that carry a unique identification number. If your pet gets away from home and is found by a good Samaritan and brought to a veterinary hospital or shelter and scanned. The number is then visible on the scanner. The microchip company can then be contacted with the microchip number and you’ll be contacted that your pet has been found.

2. Microchips are huge!

FALSE! They are actually quite small. They can be described as roughly the size of a grain of rice. Once implanted they are not felt or noticed by pets. They have been seen on x-rays though. That is pretty neat.

3. Just because a pet is microchipped means it is always registered.

FALSE! Microchip information needs to be updated. This is simple to do. You just need to log into the microchip company’s website and update your information. If you don’t remember your profile information you can get your pet’s microchip number (ask us and we can scan your pet) and then give the microchip company a call and speak with them about updating your pet’s info.
Anytime your information changes remember to update your pet’s microchip info! You should also make sure your info is current in our records too.

4. Microchips are extremely painful for the pet

FALSE! Microchips are implanted under the skin using a hypodermic needle. It is no more painful that a regular injection. Pets often do not even realize they are getting a microchip implanted. In some cases, they can be implanted during surgical procedures as well.

5. Pets that are microchipped are more likely to be returned home than those without.

TRUTH! Not all pets that get away from home are returned but those with microchips have a great chance of being returned because their owners’ information is saved in the microchip company’s database.

We have our own success story involving a microchip and a cute little dog named Milo. Milo got out of his back yard one day this past December. He was discovered running around our very busy street, and two of our staff members saw him. They knew he was in serious danger of being hit by a car, so they jumped into action and tried to catch him. After a little bit of effort, they were able to get him safely into the hospital and we quickly checked him over. He was pretty excited about his exercise and day trip to the hospital but no worse for wear.

We scanned for a microchip and saw that he had one, we called the microchip company that they number belongs to and told them we found a dog and gave them their microchip number. The microchip company called Milo’s owners and let her know that he got out, was safe and that he was hanging out with us here at Monrovia. She called us directly and came in to pick him up.

They were both so happy to be reunited and she was so grateful that Milo was returned safely.

We recommend microchipping both cats and dogs. They stand a greater chance of coming home if they get out with a microchip implanted.

We are happy to answer any questions you may have about microchips and how they work. Give us a call at 626-35-1146 or visit us online at