March is Parasite Awareness Month!

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March is Parasite Awareness Month: Parasite Veterinary Treatment in Los Angeles

With the blooms of spring comes the influx of dangerous parasites in our pets. That’s why March is parasite awareness month. You probably know at least a little about fleas and ticks but do you also know about the different types of worms and how they affect our beloved cats and dogs? At Monrovia Animal Medical Center, we provide parasite veterinary treatment in Los Angeles to keep our furry friends protected.

Parasite Awareness in Los Angeles

Parasite awareness in Los Angeles is essential because we have both ectoparasites (the ones you can see) and intestinal parasites (the hidden ones). Ectoparasites include fleas, ticks and mosquitoes, which your pet can contract when he explores the outdoors. Fleas, which spread rapidly, also pass from animal to animal. Ticks, which live in woody and grassy areas, are dangerous not only because they suck the blood, but also because they can cause a number of illnesses, including Lyme disease. In our pets, mosquito bites are dangerous because they can cause heartworm.

Heartworm is an intestinal parasite that can cause heart failure and lung disease in cats, and more commonly, in dogs. Tapeworms, which can develop from digesting infected fleas or other infected animals, are often visible on the animal’s rear end, resembling tiny grains of rice. Roundworms, which look more like spaghetti, are most prevalent in puppies and kittens, giving them a pot belly appearance. These worms can be deadly when they cause intestinal blockage. More common in dogs than cats, hookworms suck blood in the intestines and are known for causing anemia in puppies. While you may not see these worms, be on the lookout for their symptoms, including diarrhea, vomiting and weight loss.

Parasite Prevention at Your Monrovia Vet

Parasite prevention at your Monrovia Vet includes a choice of topical and oral medications to prevent fleas, ticks and mosquitoes from biting. Additionally, we offer deworming treatments, heartworm prevention medication, tests for parasitical diseases, and an array of comprehensive treatments should your pet test positive. Protect your pet today. Call us for your next appointment at 626-358-1146.