Microchipping your pet can save their life!

By AR{yxGW44e June 5, 2020 April 5th, 2021 No Comments

Did you know that 16% of dogs & 12-18% of cats are likely to go missing at least once in five years?  Many pets get out when someone leaves the door or the gate open and they run off.  Unfortunately, collars & tags can come off and if your pet gets picked up by animal control, they are unable to identify who they belong to.  Therefore, getting a microchip can help your pet and provide that extra protection to assist them when it matters most.

Golden doggy

A microchip is a small computer chip (about the size of a grain of rice) that stores information that can be connected to your pet.  It is easily implanted under the skin and the information is registered to your name and contact information.  Check out this site for more information on why you should microchip your pet

Monrovia Animal Medical Center uses the Trovan Microchip and we will not only implant it for you, we will also handle the registration process.