Pet Boarding in Monrovia, CA

Monrovia Animal Medical Center is proud to offer pet boarding to existing clients & patients of our hospital. Our boarding facility in Monrovia, CA shares a space with our animal hospital, meaning the veterinarian is on premise every day and is available should your pet require any type of medical attention during their stay.

Want to tour our facility? Just ask! We’re happy to show you around.

pet boarding in Monrovia CA


Monrovia CA Pet Boarding



Guinea Pigs

Hamsters, Rats & Mice

Turtles & Tortoises

Why use Monrovia AMC for Pet Boarding?

All the Comforts of Home

We understand that it can be stressful for some pets to be away from home and away from their pet parents. This is why we encourage you to bring your pet’s favorite bedding and toys with them to our facility for their stay. In addition, you may provide enough food for their meals so that there is no change in their diet.

Parasite Free Environment

Ever send your pet away for boarding and bring them home full of fleas? No one wants to battle fleas in their home, or watch their pet in discomfort. This is part of why we do our best to maintain a parasite free environment at our hospital. Dogs and cats are provided with flea treatment when they arrive at our hospital to make sure any fleas that may have arrived with them don’t stay for long. This way, all pets in our hospital can remain happy and flea-free!

Veterinarian On-Site

Our boarding facility shares a space with our fully equipped animal hospital. Because of this, you can rest assured your pet will receive timely care should any medical need arise while you are away.

Pet Boarding Services You Can Trust

We know that your pet will enjoy your stay with us, and you will enjoy your time away knowing they are in good hands. Stop by our facility on Myrtle Ave. in Monrovia today for a tour and to schedule your pet’s stay!