Pet Dental Care

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Having pets is a full-time job, similar to having a child. Our animal companions require time, love, and attention. Our pet’s needs for a healthy life include proper diet, proper exercise, daily interaction, and adequate shelter—but is this all? What about dental care needs? At Monrovia Animal Medical Center, we can help your pet receive the dental care they need to stay healthy.

Why Pets Need Dental Care

Can you imagine a life where you would never brush your teeth? How would your mouth and teeth look and feel? Periodontal disease is common in cats and dogs. Periodontal disease leads to tooth loss, infections, and pain. Not only is an unhealthy mouth an issue, but not caring for your pet’s teeth can lead to unhealthy changes at the microscopic level in the liver, heart , and kidneys.

Veterinary Dental Care

Local veterinarians offer professional dental services, which are an important part of the overall health of an animal, yet they are easy to forget about. Professional cleanings should be done every six months to once a year. For at-home care, brushing the teeth is an important part of the daily routine of your pet. Using a child soft-bristled toothbrush or one specifically made for pets is important. Always avoid using human toothpaste. It contains foaming agents and fluoride that can cause gastrointestinal tract problems if swallowed.

Dental treats are a good alternative to brushing the teeth. Special treats designed for this purpose are a good alternative to ice cubes, antlers, hard plastic bones, and other treats that can cause tooth fractures. Use treats labeled with the Registered Seal by the Veterinary Oral Health Council.

Contact Us for Your Pet’s Dental Care Needs

At Monrovia Animal Medical Center, we believe in preventative care, including the prevention of periodontal disease. Like with human dental health, brushing your pet’s teeth and giving them dental treats will make professional cleanings less frequent and more affordable. We believe in using the best state-of-the-art technology. Our veterinarian, Dr. Gueniat, will provide nothing but the best veterinary services and care your pet deserves. Call us today at 626-358-1146.

How do you help keep your pet’s teeth clean?